Documentary Diploma


Providing a unique insight into the rapidly changing landscape of documentary filmmaking, our Documentary Diploma offers practical and strategic advice for every stage of your documentary’s development. Ideal for storytellers from all walks of life including filmmakers, bloggers and media activists, as well as educators, campaigners, advertisers and journalists, a year spent focusing on documentary filmmaking will transform the way you tell stories.  You will gain step-by-step, practical advice on how to create and develop your own documentary, from concept and early ideas, through to filming, editing, screening and distribution.

In six months the course will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the cross-disciplinary nature of current media practices. Building your technical competence through practical sessions using the latest technologies in documentary filmmaking will ensure you receive an industry-relevant learning experience during your time at London Film Academy.

Throughout the course we help you find appropriate avenues to develop multiple marketing strategies for your documentary projects. Specific lessons will cover: using social media platforms effectively, building awareness among different communities, curating online and offline content and setting up online fundraising campaigns. These sessions mean you leave us with a comprehensive understanding of the strategies needed to build successful media projects.

After the initial intensive six-month course you have the freedom to make your own media project via six months distance learning, receiving continued guidance through one-to-one feedback during this time until you graduate.


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25 September 2017 - 23 February 2018 , £12000

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